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Thread: Importance on buying Inflatable Fishing Kayak

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    Default Importance on buying Inflatable Fishing Kayak

    It is important that you are careful of where you buy your inflatable fishing kayak from and can differentiate between one that is of poor quality. If you are lucky, a bad inflatable kayak may last you a few months, still requiring repair work. They may constantly get punctures in their flimsy fabric or may be prone to rips in the seams of the boat. So make sure you do not let a few dollars stop you from buying a slightly expensive kayak that will easily last no less than a decade even if you extensively use it.

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    Good Advise.... Personally for a fishing Kayak I'm looking at a couple hardshells. and will convert to my preferance

    My debate is do I want a whitewater/River kayak that can manage lakes and and the bay's (look at Liquidlogic Remix 10xp)


    Do I want a lake/river kayak that can manage a little whitewater. (looking at Dagger Axis, Old town Dirigo,)

    I'm going to try out the Remix and make the call from there...


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