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Thread: Girdwood fishing

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    Default Girdwood fishing

    Ok, I am headed down to Girdwood, and I dont know if there is any good fishing there in town or in portage, any ideas or tips???

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    Lightbulb Get a Copy of the Fishing Regulations

    Suggest reading the state regs. If a body of water is regulated, it means there's fish in it. Great way to identify new places to wet a line.

    Glacier Creek might be an option. There's a parking area on the left -- just off the highway south of the gas station and before the bridge.

    Don't know if there's anything to target in there at this time of year, but it gets silvers, pinks and chums later in the summer.

    A possible alternative is Portage Creek heading toward the Whittier Tunnel, but don't know anything about it. Be sure to check the regs first to make sure it's legal to dip a hook.

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    There are definately fish in the area. Are you moving there or just driving down there to try to fish?
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    Default fish

    Nothing in the area this time of year will have to drive a bit to find fish


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