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Thread: Seaducks near Knight Island

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    Default Seaducks near Knight Island

    Ive searched the fourms and found only one reference to this area of Main Bay and Knight Island. We will be in Main Bay / Knight Island areas from 9/8-9/19 and I was wondering about the possibility of bringing the shotguns along and trying for some seaducks. Are they even around in Numbers this early? We have access to a 18 Footer and will be bombing around hopefully Bear Hunting and Deer hunting. I have read that if you can get out on the rock points that Pass shooting is a possibility. Does anyone have experience in this area of time frame? Any information is helpfull. Thanks in advance!

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    I think you'll find that it's a little too early in September for the sea ducks. I've seen decent numbers of scoters and harlis in that area later in the winter, but in early fall you'll likely not find concentrations enough to hunt. Pass shooting without decoys would definitely be unproductive with the lack of numbers as well.

    To be successful that early you'd have to do some serious scouting to find where the few birds were holding/feeding and then set up with some decoys in the area to get them to come in.

    You'd be better off heading back into some of the areas bays and trying to find a tidal grass flat with mallards and puddle ducks on it.


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