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    Let's say I head out one day for a few days to try and fetch me some gold. And let's say I started in one of the creeks coming down the west side of the Kenai Peninsula range. Would I have a chance of getting something? I guess I'm trying to find a starting point. Does every mountain have gold in it? Or should I do a little more research and study geology a bit more? Should I look for certain type geologic formations, or rock strata?
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    Default Research

    Go to the Department of Natural Resources they have information on the gold finds in the area you are speaking of and of mineralization in the area. This area is probably open to recreational prospecting with a pan or stream powered sluice. If this area was ever open to Claim there may still be some claims in the area and you would need permission to prospect on these claims. Research will reduce the area you have to walk over, but gold is where you find it, KEEP LOOKIN'.

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    This site has everyting you will need to know. Much of the land down there is claimed up. But don't let that dissolution you. There are several areas that you can pan legally. Hope, Reserection Creek is a state mining site. I always find gold there. Some of the other creeks have gold too. You just have to search.
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    Go to where gold has been found in the past, that's your best bet. I'd venture to say every river on the penninsula has been panned, so you're not going to be working virgin ground. Not all the gold has been taken out, and every flood basically turns the river into a giant sluice box, re-filling the crevices. You're not likely to get a huge find, but there is still gold in those creeks and rivers.


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