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Thread: rafts for halibut fishing

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    Default rafts for halibut fishing

    Hi. I'm wondering what the practicality of using a raft for some chicken halibut fishing would be, say off Homer for instance. Have any of you done this? It seems safe enough. I have a 15-horse engine I could hook up to one. Would a cataraft be better for this than an oval raft? I'm just trying to get out to the halibut without buying a big boat, while maintaining a relative amount of safety. I've seen some very small power boats out there, not far from the shore. I would even like to take it across the bay to the islands over there, and try my luck there for some halibut. Any ideas?
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    Default Rafting for Halibut - NOT!

    I lived down in Homer for years and did my share of Halibut fishing. I wouldn't trust to a small raft and low powered engine out there. The currents and wave action is strong out where you'd go for chickens, maybe 225 to 260 feet. I suggest against it.

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    Default Rafts ?

    What do you mean by Rafts ? A selfbailing whitewater boat, or a sport inflatable like a zodiac with a transom?
    We use a 16' achilles in homer, deep creek, & seward a lot without problem.
    However I did have a 14' selfbailer that I had Tracy build a frame motor mount for & had a 15 hp johnson for. This set up I would not take out in the salt as the speed was way to slow, & the more power you gave it would just start to flex the tubes & put more water in the floor. Round boats are just not meant for this application.
    BTW I still have the frame mount if anyone would be interested in buying it.


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