Fished Deep Creek from 5:30-11:30 today (Saturday). Started by the boat ramp, saw some rolling and a couple caught, but no hits. Moved up to the bridge. Missed one on a Vibrax just upstream of the bridge. A little later hooked up with another one, or so I thought. It jumped a couple of times, and I was really confused to see my spinner way out in front of the fish. Looked more carefully, and it was tangled up with a line someone had broken off on the fish. Fish jumped a couple more times and then was off. Worked our way downstream for about 90 minutes, then moved to the North parking lot and fished there until we left. No takes, but did see a couple caught on flies and one on a yellow vibrax. They're there, but it wasn't in the cards for me today. Gotta go get em soon.