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    Just wondering if anyone has ever used Silverfin Guide Service in the Homer area. We will be in Homer in late July for a Halibut trip and we don't have much money left over for other guided trips. His rate are affordable but I wonder about his service. I see from his web site that he fishes in the Homer area and he mentions the fishing hole on the spit. I sure would not want to pay for a guide to fish the fishing hole.

    Any input will be appreciated.

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    If you spend about 30 minutes walking around the fishing hole seeing what people are using, you can walk across the street and get what you need. You may wanna get some Maxima 6-lb. test line, green...that stuff can't be seen by the fish and you can get some action. If you just wanna get some chicken halibut, book something with Rainbow charter, 1/2 day, $100, and you get some meat.
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