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Thread: Fishing the Denali Hwy for Grayling

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    Default Fishing the Denali Hwy for Grayling

    Read a thread from last year about various fishing hot spots for grayling. Today I went up with plans to spend two days fishing but they have had a lot of rain and the streams were pretty cloudy, (even the Brushkana). Someone last year wrote about Roosevelt Lake (?) Gave some GPS coordinates, but didn't make it and wasn't sure about the route.

    Thought I would share the water conditions and if anyone wants to reply on when is the best time to go and what streams or lakes to hit, (even if you have to travel off the road a ways), I would appreciate it. I was hoping to find a lake or stream to get a couple 20 inchers, take a photo and measurements and then release, (not asking for much am I) Caught quite a few 16-18 inchers in years past, but I can't seem to hit 20.

    It was actually snowing in some of the higher elevations on my way to the bridge (Big Su). Also at MP 94 there was a lot of trucks with trailers...where are they headed towards? (Butte Lake)?

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    Roosevelt Lake - If coming from cantwell, as soon as you pass the wooden bridge crossing the susitna take the next left, drive approximately 15 miles, road is pretty primitive and turns into basically a four wheeler trail, have to cross 3-5 shallow creeks. I took my 2003 chevy pickup towing a flatbed trailer down half the way, dropped off the trailer, then took the truck the rest of the way to Roosevelt Lake.

    Not sure if you have google earth or not, but if you do, type in [Roosevelt Lake, Matanuska-Susitna, AK 99729] and it should zoom right in on the lake and you can visibly see the road/trail leading to the lake. If you dont have google earth, get it.

    PM me if you'd like to know where some big grayling are. I assume your looking for grayling.


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