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Thread: Thunder Jet Denali

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    Default Thunder Jet Denali

    Has anyone had any experience with this boat? Looks like a great boat but I just cannot find an real info on it. I am either looking at one of these or an Extreme Shallow. Thanks

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    Did you take a look here for info ?

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    2500 dry weight. correct me if i'm wrong the pretty dam heavy for a dry weight. add 40 gallons of fuel basic gear and beer man your over 3400 now. Anyonne ever ran with this tank... and you guys call my boat a tank...

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    A friend here in the Yukon runs one. I have NOT been in it, but speaking to him, it seems like he was not happy with its shallow water performance. He was out with another friend of his who was running a JetCraft Extreme Duty which did much better, but thats not necessarily a fair comparison. Looking at the bottom, I was surprised that it was as beat up as much as it was after the trips he took it on.
    I would stick with the Extreme Shallow if you don't have the chance to take out the Denali.
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    Default Consider this

    Might be worth looking at depending on your needs. More than satisfied with mine!

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    Default not the same

    completely different set up and application. You will not follow a 6-7-8 degree sport jet boat in that....not that I wouldn't love to have one of those also. I've spent a lot of time getting a boat that size unstuck.


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