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    While reading Duncan Gilchrist's book on mt goat hunting he mentions using a New Zealand rain coat called the Swanndri which is made of a dense weave of traeted wool. Has anyone used one of these? If so what did you think? He says they are availible in the U.S. but I have never seen it mentioned in any articles or ads. Thanks, Tony.

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    I can't really find out how it's treated, but it looks like it's a brand name of heavily woven wool clothing. One of the mottos on the company website is rather funny.\: "we have to make a good garment. Most of our customers have guns."

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    Lightbulb good wool

    yes, that is a good co. motto.

    however, i would rather have king of the mtn. or sleeping indian if you prefer, than the swandri. m.h.o.

    check ebay for deals on new or used k.o.t.m.

    stay warm.
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    This brings back a good memory.

    I used to work for Dana Design and read everything that Duncan wrote and HAD, just HAD to have a Swandri.

    So, I called Duncan, he lived in Hamilton, MT before he died and traded a Dana Design backpack for a Swandri coat. He asked my size, I told him XL - XXL. A month or so later I get an XL Swandri and it just is too tight for my, um...fatness.

    I wore it a few times and, frankly, its just too dry in Montana for a tight weave wool garment. It might be great for Alaska, though.

    From Duncan's comments its a great garment for New Zealand where its not as cold as Northern US/Alaska and far wetter.

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    Thumbs up duncan

    mt al;

    that is a good story. i too spoke to him several times and book all his books. hell of a nice man.

    it is not that the swandri is terrible. but, due to changes in technology, there are warmer, lighter, faster drying materials out there now that better suit the needs of the serious mtn. hunter.

    one example, is the windproof fleece custom sized and designed to your specs garments from beyond fleece. guaranteed for life and built to your specs (# and location of pockets, spec on zippers etc) leaves nothing to complain about, except the price.

    you know how that goes, you get what you pay for...
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