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Thread: Problem boats on the Clearwater!!!

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    Exclamation Problem boats on the Clearwater!!!

    Hello all,

    I would like to hear anyone’s opinion on this matter about unsafe boaters on the Clearwater.
    During the last 3 years several of us have noticed the rise in unsafe boating on this river.
    Over the last few weeks there have been reports of intoxicated drivers w/ children aboard, excessive speeds, and just plain rude boating.
    This river is not that big, and the speeds are not my real concern. However if you are coming into a corner why is in necessary to be in the wrong lane? Is driving a boat different than driving a vehicle on the road? Should we not maintain our lane around the bend of a river?
    Also when boats are anchored, or individuals are wade fishing is it necessary to fly by at a high rate of speed sometimes coming within feet of the boat/person?
    I have experienced all of this recently on this river, and it seems to be the 2 or 3 same boats.
    I also have been told of similar situations that have happened to people that own property on this river.
    I hope that I am not coming off as rude but if this applies to you, well go f#*k yourself!
    There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.

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    Yup. Lotta guys bought 4-wheelers first, then figured they get to drive their new boat the same way.

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    My opinion:

    I'm from Southeast Alaska. Boats are a way of life down there. Period. You almost NEED a boat to do anything. I've found that in general people are much more respectful of others and boating when its a way of life. The launches aren't full of idiots, on the water individuals make a point to do things the correct way, and if they don't, they are quickly corrected by veterans.

    Since I've lived in Anchorage and traveled all over the interior and everywhere I can reach by road (roads are still almost a novelty to me), I've discovered that boats are a priveledge up hear. Just as with any priveledge, it gets abused by darn near a majority. Its not just powerboats, rafts, cats, canoes, kayaks, packrafts, airboats, you name it. The launches are full of arrogant prideful aholes, who refuse any kind of advice. They do things their own way. Things are better when you reach the salt in areas like Homer and Seward; where again, boats are an everpresent way of existence.

    I've read many posts on this forum about river etiquette and know that plenty of people boat/float respectfully and properly. Read some of Alaskachucks posts on how he conducts himself at the launch. Still for every guy like chuck on the water, there are 3 more abusing their boating priveledges. BrownBear isn't too far off. It's very similar to ATVs in that regard.

    Boating and floating are NOT sciences concerned with space exploration. All it takes is a handful of experience and a double fistful of common sense, with a dash of every day courtesy and respect for other individuals making the most of the priveledges they have.

    In my opinion and experience, you cannot and will not change people abusing a privedge without drastic measures being taken or personal tragedy on their part. Either avoid this water body or enter into it knowing what you know and with extra caution.

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    Default unsafe boaters

    Well I have been the guy in the boat and the guy in the river so I see both sides to this, but the bottom line is if you are on the water have a little respect to the other person, and if you don't know what your doing you shouldn't be driving a boat! On the big Su it isn't bad until you get up the streams and it is starting to get to the point were I seriously wont run a boat unless I am in salt. It seems to me that every one is trying to be the first person to the hole, people need to relax and realize there is more then one fish and more then one hole.

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    ...or maybe, just maybe have the common courtesy to treat people the way in which you would like to be treated. Thats not asking too much is it?

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    well with jet boats sometimes waking people happens, because you have to stay on step, I usually decrease speed to just below staying on step when passing people... When passing you should stay to the right if you can, downstream travelling boat should have right of way (harder to stop...)
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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