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Thread: Case of beer for lost knife / Sportsman's boat launch

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    Unhappy Case of beer for lost knife / Sportsman's boat launch

    This maybe a waste of time but I'll give it a go anyway. While preparing to launch my buddy's raft at Sportsmans yesterday I dropped a nice Benchmade folder near the bathrooms. I know I dropped it cause I remember the sound of it hitting the pavement and I looked down to see what dropped and didn't see anything. About 30 minutes later I realized my knife was no longer on my waders and I remembered the sound I previously heard and knew exactly what it had been. I walked back over and looked all over with no luck. If any of you honest guys picked it up I'd love to have it back and can describe it further if need be. I'll even offer a case of beer for the finder!

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    There is a post on the freshwater fishing post about someone finding a knife from Mashesta

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    Default lost and not found

    Good luck to you. Last year I left my wading belt hanging on a bush after, um, an adjustment. I offered $100 on this site to get it back. Not a bite.


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