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Thread: The Gulkana River Report-June 11th-Fish!

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    The Kings and Reds have arrived!

    Well it is safe to say that the fish have finally arrived. I was in Salana today at the NPS office for the north end of the park and the fish biologist tells me that the fish wheels on the upper Copper-Chistochina and Salana are turning heavy with Reds and a few Kings. There is a Fish Weir on Tanada Creek with a camera counter and it is also seeing reds coming through and keep in mind Tanada creek in Salana which is a full hour and ½ north of the Gulkana bridge.

    Ok now for the eye witness reports! I was down at the bridge this evening picking up some rafting/fishing clients and they landed 2 very nice kings that appeared to be in the 26 pound range. Very nice color and in very good shape! Nature’s fish finder-Eagles are all over the river eating on Sockeye carcasses. I have not seen any of my groups bring in Reds as they are targeting Kings but the bridge area has quite a few left over from cleaning tables. The pull out camping area at the Gulkana River Bridge has only 5-6 rigs down there right now so it is not crowded at all. I floated the Sailors pit to bridge run in about 2 hours and we only say one other raft on the river so now is a good time if your looking for some good fishing!

    Keep in mind that the tribal resource officers are out a lot and anything above high water is Tribal land and can result in a ticket! Its is very hard to fish above the bridge with out crossing tribal lands so know where your at and remember a float trip is a lot cheaper than a ticket!

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    Thanks for the report!!
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    the bridge with out crossing tribal lands so know where your at and remember a float trip is a lot cheaper than a ticket!


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    Rain, lots of rain. We all know what that means, muddy water and slow fishing. More reds were landed today than kings. I only saw 2 groups come in with kings but guys are taking reds under the bridge. One of my groups hit a nice school of Kings at the bend just below what use to be called the Griz hole, that is about 2 miles down from Sailors Pit. The large rock (hole) located just as you see the cell tower at Gakona junction has also been producing fish. The best way to fish it is to toss an anchor just below and to the river right of the rock and bounce your rig through the eddy. The river has 2 major sweepers you need to watch for. One is just below the put in on river right at Sailors Pit and the 2nd is just as you see the bridge as you are making the last corner, also on river right. The one near the bridge is nasty and needs to be avoided unless you want to damage the raft!
    Good luck

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