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Thread: Just Wondering about temp?

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    Default Just Wondering about temp?

    I just ran our new Custom Weld Storm (350 carbed closed cooling system) for a couple of hours (momentary wide open followed by steady varying rpm's 2800-3400) and the water temp was about 150 degrees on the gauge. I have ran outboards most of my life and I am VERY new to the operation of inboard jets and want to hear from others about whats normal and not so normal. It initailly blew some coolant out(to the overflow tank) after it warmed up then it seemed to stabilize. The next day when I checked the coolant level in the heat exchanger I ended up adding about half a quart of to bring it up to the proper level. Is this normal for a new engine?

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    165 Deg. on mine, also a 350 Carb, New could have had bit of air in there,and had to burb,Also after it warms up the water will expand.Mine seems to like about 2in, down from the top. If i add it will just keep pushing it to the overflow, My old boat with 302 was same way. Just keep checking and keep a eye on it til, you fig out what it likes.I also would start a log book for it, Keep track of what,s going on, How much fuel,how much weight had in it, If used any oil, Temp. Hr,s. Ect... you get the idea, Good luck with your new boat Enjoy..

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    I have the EFI version of the Kodiak motor and seem to see the 150 as the standard operating temp. No issues. I also am a Custom Weld Storm owner.

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    Talking Temp

    My 383 Marine Power stroker runs 150 all the time and has since it was new. I have talked with others that say that 150 is not warm enough, but I talked with Marine Power and was advised it is fine.
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    Hey! thanks for the replies. I just gotta find out what the engine likes (much like plane). A log book is a really good idea...especially when you spend that kind of money on a toy like this. I am really impressed with the boat, we took it out on one of the lakes north of Dillingham and a short river for a couple of hours. Custom Weld sure builds a nice boat!


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