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Thread: Just purchased my first boat!

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    Default Just purchased my first boat!

    A few pics of my first boat's maiden voyage.
    I know its not as fancy as the cat in the previous post but I'm pretty stoked none the less.

    I'm looking to do a few 3-5 day floats in this guy this summer. Does anyone have any must-haves in terms of rigging gear or tips for load management with a small boat for extended trips? I'm looking at getting a smallish dry box to put on the back so that I can lash down a dry bag and box on the gear platform. Thinking I'll keep clothes and what not in the bag and use the box for food and misc. camp stuff.

    Also looking for trip ideas or other people with similar boats to tag along on some trips I'm already doing.
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    Good setup you have there, how big is it?
    Are you positive you want a dry box? I use a few different dry bags and it seems to work well, without as much extra weight and more forgiving dimensions (which can help if you're going to fly).
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    Default Nice Cat

    Looks like a nice Cat. Where you floating?

    Congrats on a good looking Cat.

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    Default Dry box verses Dry Bag

    I strapped on a dry boy that I had and ended up picking up a couple Dry Bags, much better choice. Like Trout said much easier to manage and tie down. I still wrap sleeping bags and dry pants in garbage bags.
    Loads of fun, wish I had time to use all the toys I have.
    Where was that float in pic, looking to explore new water, also someone with raft for the two trucks needed to do this stuff once in a while.
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    Default Thanks for the tips guys.

    I think I will do the double dry bags for a while. I have a few nicer seal line bags that have done a good job of keeping water out on bigger boats. During my test run it just seemed like I am going to get a lot wetter being that close to the water.

    That float was on Riley Creek in Denali Park. For those of you who haven't done it before it's pretty fun. Especially during high flows. It takes a bit of walking to access the good water but you can float right down to the highway bridge or keep going on the Nenana.

    My boat is 9 ft long. One more question I had was what do most people wear while doing floats in these. It seems like you get awful wet in anything above class I. I'm planning on waders and a life jacket as I don't have the $$ for a dry suit yet. However that doesn't seem the safest especially in late fall on more remote systems.


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