I also posted this in the float hunting forum but haven't gotten any bites.

I've got a little 16' ob jet boat and my buddy has a (14'-16'?) raft that weighs ≈ 200 lbs. If we go light, almost like we are backpacking my boat should be able to haul us, fuel, all of our hunting/camping gear plus his raft upriver and be just within my boat max weight limit. Without the raft it'd be pushing it hauling meat back down if say... we killed two moose or our limit of caribou. But hauling his raft up, setting it up and floating down together would expand our haul out capacity by lots.

So what are some good Jet up float down rivers?

Keep in mind that I'm fairly new to boating and he's not exactly an expert at running his raft so... the river can't be too awefully challenging up or downstream.