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Thread: Visiting Homer AK

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    I everyone! I have the glorious opportunity to visit Homer AK on 6/19/10. It is a once in a lifetime trip for my dad, brother, and myself, including 3 more family members. We are going to Homer to fish for Halibut for a week. Someone we know hooked us up with the person that will be taking us out. We can't hire a guide because our budget is tight. The plane fare and cost for lodging was very expensive. We will have some down time and I have searched google maps and found the river closest to Homer which is the Anchor. Could someone tell me how to fish it with flies, what flies work the best, topwater or nymphs, what to look out for, can you carry a gun on your side for protection from bears, and any other pertinent information. Our rental house for the week is just below Bridge Creek Reservoir and I thought I would try to fish that also. What kind of fish are in there? Trout, salmon, pike? We are absolutely jacked up about visiting your state! Thanks to all who will respond and help us make this trip the trip of a lifetime! God bless yall!

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    Fish the local streams along there for trout. Deep ck, stariski ck, anchor river those streams along there. And on the very end of the homer spit you can fish herring on the bottom and catch tom cod and flounder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by graggch View Post
    can you carry a gun on your side for protection from bears
    You can carry a gun anywhere you want in Alaska as long as you don't take it into and federal buildings, banks, schools, or places who's primary means of business is alcohol (bars). No permit required at all. Only thing you hae to do is if stopped by law enforcement, inform them that you have a firearm so they can secure it. If you don't and they find it later, you can be charged with concealing a weapon.
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