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Thread: Martin MG-10 Multiplier Fly Reel

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    Default Martin MG-10 Multiplier Fly Reel

    So I got this reel from my girlfriends mother. She knows I am big into fly fishing and bought this reel for me at an antique store for $5. I cant find any specs on this reel. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this reel, wt, uses, etc. Just kinda want to know what I can use this for. I know its not expensive but more wondering if its worth my time to try to fish with it.

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    I remember these 30 years ago and don't think I ever had one in my hand... certainly never owned one. The multiplier concept was certainly intriguing, not sure why larger arbor reels seemed to overtake them. Simpler I suppose. Obviously you can't palm the spool since there is no exposed rim so to me, the drag is what is going to be the deal breaker.

    I think the MG 10's were for about a 6 wt rod.... When I pasted in your subject line on Google I only got "about 25,000 hits".

    I'd line it up and fish it. You are the only one that can decide if YOU like it.


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    Here are a couple of them I found for sale not alot of info though


    and another
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    Their frames are a little weak for anything like salmon fishing. They'll tweak and allow the spindle to shift enough for the spool to rub if you put a bunch of pressure on them. The 2:1 retrieve is really useful for recovering stray line when you have a fish on, though the reel is not built strong enough for fighting big fish right off the reel. Nice score, and you'll really enjoy it for trout and such on lighter leaders. I certainly wouldn't expect it to hold up on fish requiring leaders heavier than about 8-pound test.

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    I bet it would look pretty on an old bamboo rod hangin on the wall.

    Too many decent reels for cheap these days to worry about resurrecting that one...unless you just feel like using it...then, carry on.

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    Thanks for all the info guys. I might try and fish it sometime. I also like the idea of the bamboo rod for a wall hanging. Thanks!

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    Used to see guys using them for steelhead on the Situk spooled up w/mono about 12-13 years ago. But I agree with earlier posts. They really don't seem sturdy enough .


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