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    Any input on trail cams? I use a bushnell. seem to work fine.

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    In my opinion, unless you are planning on putting it on exclusive private property there is no reason to spend more than will work. I have a Wildview Xtreme 2, I think it's a 2 mega pixel camera and frankly, aside from the trigger being a touch slow, I've never had any issues. If you're going to be putting it out on public land, good chance it'll disappear. I'd still be pissed, but losing a $70 camera would be a lot easier to swallow than a $300 one.
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    My only experience is with Bushnells and they sux.

    Last year I bought 3 Bushnell trail cams, the ones with infared.

    The infared portion is interrmittent. The times are set by programming but they seem to do whatever they want. Flash does not fire about half the time.

    The units turn themselves off whenever they feel like it. After much research it appeared to me that it was occuring with large temperature changes. Such as a cool foggy night followed by a hot sunny day.
    I suspected condensation so when I would find one "Off" I would open the door for a few minutes then it would operate normally.

    I called the factory and talked with Customer Service. That guy kept saying "The case is sealed, it can't be a moisture problem."
    He must have said that 10 times.

    I worked as an Electronics Technician for over 30 years and I have seen condensation problems many times. A sealed case will CAUSE condensation!

    So I used the tinest drill bit I own and put a small hole in the bottom of the door. This allows air flow into and out of the case and only mininum condensation forms, then drys.

    One of my cameras quit so I sent it back for repairs. Their policy is to replace the camera and charge the owner. They said they would send me a rebuilt unit for $130 plus $16 shipping. I ONLY PAID $150 FOR THE CAM WHEN IT WAS NEW!

    The next trail cam I buy will not be a Bushnell. I think I will stay away from all Bushnell products after a taste of their "attitude".


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