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Thread: Anyone elses year been strange?

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    Default Anyone elses year been strange?

    So the bears were very late to begin with. Then we had one stand getting hit and not even the hot one from last year and the others not at all. Then the silly bears come in during strange times like mostly while we are working. Then we had other stands get hit and hit hard. Then last week they went dead for the week and had hits Friday, Saturday and nothing this week again? What have all you other dreamers been having at your stations? I am dreaming so far this year!

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    2008 we had 13 bears on one stand coming in 24-7 all hours and the other stand had half that many mostly grizz and 90% of the time those where nocturnal.

    Now this we can not access the grizz stand and the other stand has had one bear come in and killed exactly 13 hours after we baited and then a grizz the next week.

    We skipped last week and left trail cameras out, so this weekend will be very interesting to say the least to see the pictures.


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