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Thread: Stain for T1-11

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    Default Stain for T1-11

    Anyone have a recomendation on a color of stain for T1-11? I have tried 8 samples and not sure if I like any of them. A couple of similar sided (T1-11) cabins I have seen have nice stain on them, I hate to cover with paint.

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    Thumbs up T111 Stain

    I have this on two of my cabins and swear by it. Originally I used the non gloss Super deck products, but switched to the gloss for added protection and ease of cleaning with a simple hose off.

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    Our customers like that product also. It basically replaces the old Behr Rawhide products without the negatives.

    Whatever you do, plan on using twice as much as the can says. T1-11 really soaks up the stain.

    My personal favorite and one of our top sellers for T1-11 is Superdeck 2200 Cedar Semi-Transparent Deck and Siding Stain.
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