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Thread: Is the slide passable on an atv?

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    Default Is the slide passable on an atv?

    Looking for reports on the trail past O'Brien......anyone taken an atv over the slide area this year? Is it doable or a deathwish? I've dipped on two occasions just before Haley Creek (before the slide happened), we had success both times. I might take the wheeler just in case, any pointers on the areas to dip before the slide if it's not passable, are there many good places to dip without going past the slide? Thanks guys

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    Default slide passage

    I talked with 2 guys who ATV'd all the way to Haley last weekend. Their perspective was that it was pretty scary with no room for error.

    There is lots of river to fish.


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    Default There is no room for error

    The trail is better than it has been the last couple of years. I was there yesterday. But, there are a few spots that you could die if you screw up. There is one spot that could washout this year with heavy rain. There is a little room in the trees to get around. Some one has already gone through and trimmed fallen trees and piled rocks on the bad spots. Go slow and don't overload your wheeler with fish. If you are afraid of heights or not sure what your machine can do just pay the 100$ and get dropped off by Mark, then you won't have to pack your fish up the hill and you can enjoy the scenery a little more.


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