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Thread: New ID Card Requirement

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    Default New ID Card Requirement

    I was talking with the Coast Guard today. There is going to be a new ID card required for anyone working on a fishing boat, transporter, 6-pack....basically everyone on the ocean except private fishermen. There is no handout or information on the internet that can be printed yet. They are working on it.

    Either way, you had better check with the Coast Guard before heading out this spring. This new card is a requirement of the TSA in conjunction with other agencies.

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    Thanks Dave ,

    I was in there a few week ago to renew my 6 pack and they did not mention anything about a new I.D card , I'll have to call them and get more info

    Thanks for info

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    I'm a weekend boater. Might have to check with the CG to make sure there is nothing for the weekend boater.
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    Default ID card

    My apologies, I've been out of town and missed this post. I believe you might be talking about the MMC (Merchant Mariner's Credentials) and/or TWIC (Transportation Workers Identification Card)....The Federal Register posting is Vol. 71, No. 98/Monday, May 22, 2006 Docket No. USCG-2006-24271 and probably explains it better than I possibly could. The .pdf file is too big to post, but you should be able to find it with a search. The Marine Exchange of Alaska also has some info posted on their site. I'll try and answer specific questions or get you referred to the person(s) who can. This doesn't affect sport fishermen/boaters. Mike


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