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Thread: Kasilof tragedy....

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    Unhappy Kasilof tragedy....

    Man Dies in Kasilof River Accident

    State troopers say that a 49-year-old man from the state of Washington was killed, yesterday afternoon, in a boating-related accident. According to the troopers investigating the accident, David J. Tyrrell was standing near a slope where a drift boat was being removed from the Kasilof River. A long rope tied to a truck was being used. Troopers say that the rope broke, flew up and then struck Tyrrell in the upper right chest. He died as a result of trauma to the chest, before he could be flown from the scene to a hospital.
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    Thatís a real tragedy. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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    Default never know whats gonna happen and when.......this is a good reminder to anyone....stay clear of ropes, pulleys, chains, and the like.....they are deadly......working a setnet site out of ninilchik one summer we were pullin in a beach set with a tractor.....the leadline on the net was caught around a big rock in the water, newbie tractor dude kept pullin, SNAP! 5/8" rope breaks, I almost got my head took off and the another crew member got snapped in the hand, was a real nasty wound from it...... im sory to hear this, prayers to his family.

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    Hopefully the guy with the truck or boat has insurance. Good reminder for anyone winching, to put a blanket or coat on the winch line. If it breaks off or snaps, the energy will be absorbed by the cover. Never winch a line without some sort of wrap on it. Rope or cable, makes no difference. When winching a boat onto a trailer, simply throw the bow rope in a wad and a couple of wraps around the winch cable/strap. If it breaks or a hook snaps, the winch line will just sorta fall instead of snapping back and hitting you.
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    Aires good reminder - thank you

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    Just saying...

    A REAL takeout on the Kasilof would be helpful... you know one where you dont' need to winch a boat out of the water up a steep slope from 50 ft away?


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