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Thread: Required AK Fish & Game Video?

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    Default Required AK Fish & Game Video?

    Hello Alaska Hunters & Pilots,

    Isn't there a required video a guy has to watch before purchasing a non-resident license and caribou tag? Looking at the Alaska F & G web-site it looks like I can buy a license and tag online.

    Anyway I'm flying my plane north and should be in Fairbanks by August 1st, then on to the North Slope on the 3rd. Any information regarding this video would be greatly appreciated.



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    James I have never heard of such a video but it could be something new you never know with the Fish and Game.

    Hope you have a safe flight and a successful hunt!

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    There is some sort of online training thing, but it is only for unit 23. It is not for non res. It is for anyone using an aircraft, res or non res.
    It does not apply to hunters using transporters.
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    Maybe your thinking of the moose hunting video that F&G made to help folks judge a 50" moose?? It's not required but highly recommended viewing for those who haven't hunted moose in a trophy management area.

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    Default Non-resident orientation

    There is a non-resident orientation that is required in some units (17, 19, 23, maybe others - check regs). At one time this consisted of a video for unit 17 and 19, but I'm not sure what it is today since all the reg book says is to call for info. As Martentrapper stated, unit 23 is online. I'd check the new regs your specific location/species when they come out next month since this requirement varies by unit.

    It'd be nice to see them go to downloadable videos off their website. I just sent an email asking the question.

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    Default Fish & Game Video?

    Alaska Hunters,
    Thanks for the information! We are planning on hunting caribou in GMU 26 B & C. It looks like I can just buy my license and tag on-line. Flying through Canada dealing with US Customs is a real challenge too.

    Thanks again,



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