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Thread: Easton ACC hunter arrows

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    Default Easton ACC hunter arrows

    I have pretty much made up my mind to purchase these(as soon as my loan is approved). Other than the price, is there anything negative you guys have heard about them?

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    Nothing negative at all. They are great arrows. I shot the standard ACC's for one season of 3D and Field and they held up great. Much better straightness and spine consistancy than most pure carbons.

    They are aluminum core so they will bend if abused severely. However, that same level of abuse will often break carbons, so that's really no issue.
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    Thanks. I am trying new gear this year. I am having a tough time deciding between easton axis or the acc hunters. The acc's are hard to to locate.

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    I started shooting the ACC Pro Hunters last year. To me they are worth the cost. They are the best arrow I have ever used. You can find them on Eders Archery website. Only thing with going through them is they will only ship UPS to AK.


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