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Thread: Twenty Mile-Found Dog

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    Default Twenty Mile-Found Dog

    A friend of mine asked me to post here letting everyone know that he found a dog this last week while hunting up Twenty Mile. Dog is black with some white and appears to be mixed, perhaps with some husky not sure. Send PM for more information. Thanks

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    Hi there, there have been two dogs that have been missing for sometime now....maybe?
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    Default Missing: 2 Black and White Huskys

    I have two missing Black and White huskys named Kenai and Cody. They were lost in the Eagle River area 6 weeks ago tomorrow. Please visit their Facebook page (Cody and Kenai) or search Craigs list under their names for additional information about their search and for pictures. These dogs are much loved and can be anywhere in the Anchorage bowl area and beyond at this point. I am desperate to get these boys back and am offering a $1000.00 reward for their safe return. Please let me know if you have possibly seen these dogs or have any idea of their whereabouts. Many thanks! Cheryl (907) 748-2787

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    Default Please call RE: Found Dog (907) 748-2787

    Hi AkGoat1 - Can you please call me regarding the found dog even if you don't think it's one of my missing dogs (907) 748-2787. I am desperate to find my dogs and it will do my heart good to talk to you about the found dog even if it turns out that it is not one of my dogs. With that said, I am hoping that you found my dog! Many Thanks! Cheryl (kenaidog)


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