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Thread: Its a done deal!! FINALLY!!

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    Default Its a done deal!! FINALLY!!

    Hi all, finally cut a deal with Grant at Wooldrige for a 29' foot Pilothouse with twin 200 hp etecs!!!...since i am not ready to get it until the winter, and then drive the beast home on a trailer, the date is May 1st 2011 for me to pick it up, then drive it up here to Prince George!!....whew! i hope i can sleep at night...thanks all for letting me pick your brains for the last , what--- 2 years now???.....time flies!.....larry

    ps. can now add my signiture

    29' Wooldridge Pilot House, Twin 200 Hp Etecs! "...Pez Gordo..."
    18' Wooldridge Sport with 200 hp sport jet. "...Little Pez..."

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    will be a long 10-1/2 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by AK NIMROD View Post
    will be a long 10-1/2 months
    i agree mine said SHOP this year... Buy next year... GROAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    congrats on the deal... can't wait for photos...

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    Default It'll be a sweet...

    10 1/2 months For me, anticipation is half the enjoyment of a new toy, hunting trip, whatever! Sweet dreams...

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    Default There's lots to do...

    In those 10 1/2 months you'll be working with your boat builder to fine-tune your "baby".

    I loved thinking about and then brainstorming ideas with my builder. In the end, Skookum is a boat that is well thought out, has the options on it that make it a very versatile boat, options that allow me to use it for both chartering and overnight cruising. Those are two very different kinds of use, but because I had 6-7 months of build time I was able to work with Bay Weld to make it happen.

    I enjoyed the building part so much I was almost reluctant to put the boat in the water and end that process. That is, until I took it out for a shakedown cruise. Now it's in a slip in the harbor here in Homer and I'm learning what I can do with her and any new ideas can wait till the winter.

    Here's a link to my gallery page which has some photos of Skookum on the water...

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    Thumbs up That's awesome


    Not that I am boat shopping, but what is the beam and how many axles on your trailer? I like those 29's and am curious about there specs.
    ...And of course I understand if you don't want to talk about your new boat. (ha ha)

    I like the new boat threads, it gives you that taste of new boat excitement even if it's for someone else.

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    How about a list of the options your outfitting her with.

    I'm going to the factory to look at them July 12th.

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    Hi all, well, as far as what is "for sure" at this stage is 29 footer, 9.6 beam..the twin 200
    hp etecs, hydraulic steering/throttle contols in the cabin and cockpit,
    fly by wire controls and the 9.9 HT yamaha in the back!...24 inch high
    bow rails that open to the electric windlass and pull out ladder to get
    ashore at times to lose the sea legs!!...rails will start even and
    angled with the front wind sheild....radar arch at the front and 6 inch
    high rails on the sides of the roof, with 10( 5 each side) rocket
    lauchers angled slightly back on each side.....there will be an awning
    above the cockpit stering station that folds down and against the hand
    rails each side of the boat!.....hmm, what else? paint at all on
    the outside, just aluminum, that will get a power blast each
    spring.......inside, 2 suspension seats and a cuddy up front,,,,table
    and bench fold down to make the bed..but, will be good for only one
    person, the passenger seat spins around to make it about 6.3 inches
    long! wife wants a good suspension seat( just like the captain),
    so that's that!!!!..big fridge/freezer, wallas stove and wabas
    furnace/ large sink, and big kitch cabints with over head
    shelf..we will also get a large 12 volt portabele freezer that will sit
    out on in the cockpit)??......oh, and of course the "head"..need a
    can!!!....not sure on the electrical, but something in the order of 2
    house(27) battries and 1 cranker.....all else is up in the
    air,,,chartploters, radar etc, but have a lot of time for all of that
    stuff......oh, and a tandom axle trailer.....i have my build slot and price fixed for all this stuff so
    all is good for now!.....
    Ps. Off now to the "work channel"( south of portland channel) to try for
    crabs and "butts"!!....this will be in the "small" 18 footer..larry

    29' Wooldridge Pilot House, Twin 200 Hp Etecs! "...Pez Gordo..."
    18' Wooldridge Sport with 200 hp sport jet. "...Little Pez..."


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