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Thread: Boots, insoles, and such

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    Default Boots, insoles, and such

    I have a pair of Danners that are my go-to hiking/hunting/anything boot. I just got them in April or so, and they are well broken in.

    With that said, I'm having a few problems. One is that the back of my heel/ankle start feeling "bruised" pretty quickly when I'm doing anything moderately strenuous. It's not rubbing, but just pressure, soreness, and then pain. The second problem is that I am flat-footed.

    I'm looking for some insoles or something to help with these problems. Does anyone have any recommendations? Can I just stick some padding in the back of the boot, or is there a better solution?

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    Default Super feet

    Super Feet are awesome insoles. They fill up a lot more space in the boot. I would give super feet a try and see if that will stop your problems.

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    For a quick fix while hiking in the back country try using a piece of moleskin to help pad that bad pressure....never heard of super feet, but I am sure some tryp of insert is needed....

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    I agree with RussP. SuperFeet are excellent insoles. They are kind of a little loud (bright green), but I use them on all of my hikes and trail runs.
    Look at the SuperFeet demo under 'hiking'.

    Also, as an additional suggestion.. even though you believe that you have broken in and stretched your Danners, I'd suggest getting them soaked in water, putting on water socks (or thick hiking socks) and walking in them for a day to stretch them some more and then leave them in your laundry room or a boot dryer to dry up. It could be that your foot itself is not wide, but your heel could be wide.

    If this still persists, I'd suggest going over to Skinny Raven and finding out if you have some kind of foot issue going on such as pronation, overpronation, or under pronation.

    Let us know the results. I'd be interested to see what you find out.


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    Thanks for the advice, guys! I got a pair of superfeet and will do some more work with my boots this week. Come Saturday we're hiking again, so I'll let you know the results!


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