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Thread: First Time Moose hunt

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    Default First Time Moose hunt

    We are planning a moose hunting trip for 2009. We would like to go unguided. What do you reccomend? Fly-in? vs. an area to drive to and float a river? Just looking for an area that is decent that we can start researching. Not trophy hunters just want to experince a good hunt. All of us are younger guys in good shape that are not afraid to work hard. Thanks

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    If the federal subsistence board takes pity upon us non local hunters, I would suggest checking into unit 18. Won't know until May if that is possible, tho.
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    Default A caution about float hunting

    Float hunting for moose can sound easy but there are some things to take into consideration.

    #1 when you set up your float if you plan it so that you have to float a certain number of hours each day to get to your take out point ..... you have to do that no matter what the weather

    #2 that's a lot of camp tearing down and camp setting up.......even more complicated if you get a moose early on as far as transporting and caring for the meat

    #3 it's easy to get in a mode where you just hunt the rivers edge bypassing excellent habitat which lies just beyond

    I'd personally be more inclined to go with a reputable outfitter to fly me into a good area and then HUNT!

    Another GOOD option is to fly into a river with a small motor so you can hunt good areas upstream during the day and float back to camp at dusk.........or float down at dawn and hunt your way back if you're darn confident about your motor

    regardless have a good idea of exactly what you're going to be dealing with when you tip one much capacity do you have to process the carcas and pack out the meat

    personally I love to go moose hunting but I make it clear to my partner that I'm all for taking a half of whatever moose "we" get..... and I'm happy to volunteer to NOT shoot one........ if 2 or 3 or 4 guys go and get "lucky" you can have a real mess on your hands fast

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    40 mile air, or golden eagle oufitters outa delta...thats where i'd start looking.
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    Talking moose float

    Another thing about float hunting is when one stops for the night and has meat or blood in the boat, brownie may come over uninvited for supper. And typical of slob guests, he'll probably make a mess including thrashing your boat, leaving you with in a situation...that they'll be parts of you probably won't enjoy.

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    Default things to think about

    Dont take this wrong, but it doesnt matter how old you are, how good of shape your in, how much experience you have hunting, you have NO idea what your getting your self into.

    That being said, how many are planning on going, what is your budget, what kind of gear do you already have.

    Being nonresidents your going to find it hard to find a decent place to hunt if your budget is 2k per person. Most of the state is Spike Fork 50 for nonresidents. You will need to fly out, and not just to a close local river, lake, ridge line or gravel bar. But far out which will drive your costs up. Plan on 2-3k per person just for the flights needed to get you and your gear out plus everything back to enclude your moose. No factor in your rental gear, the raft will cost around 80 to 100 dollars a day.

    Moose hunting is tough, exspensive, and much more work than you think.

    I would recconsider your idea of moose hunting and go after caribou. Costs are lower, logistics easier and success rates higher.

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    Default Checkout Pristine Ventures

    Tag, pristine ventures offers a hunt planning service and also has raft and gear rentals. Larry does a great job. His hunt planner for someone like you would be hard to beat. He also has dvd out on float hunting that is pretty cool. There are also videos from Alaska fish & game on meat care that would be helpful for the first time moose hunter the dvd and videos plus a couple more come with his planner check it out. good luck.

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    Talking DIY moose

    Tag, you’re starting out right by starting your research now, do your research on google earth and teraserver, and learn as MUCH as you can about hunting moose, and fish and game regulations. I did, and went into an area cold and shot a 62 inch booner class moose on a 2005 float hunt, Total cost door to door from Michigan was $4500. I used golden eagle outfitter in delta junction for my transporter. If you are willing to work hard you can do it, but you better be ready to carry heavy packs! Legal moose are getting harder to find with the high number of predators in AK. I was very BLESSED to take the moose I did, guys that have been hunting AK along time and not killed swamp donkey like that. If you think you can just go to AK and take your pick of an abundance of animals your wrong.

    Another hint since you would probably packing out the meet, stay away from areas that require you to keep meet on the bone. Even a caribou is a bear to pack out like that, let alone a moose, were talking a horse with 60 lbs antlers!

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    Default I agree with Gunnysack

    I did one of Larry's Pristine Adventures hunts last year. I highly recommend his service. Had a hunt of a life time. I could rant for hours about all the what if's that you have to plan for. Knowing that the river you select is safe and that it holds game give's you the confidance to stay in the hunt. Larry gives you everything you need, you just need you own gear, and he can help with that. CALL HIM. PM me for more info. PLEASE DON"T ASK WHERE. You agree not to disclose location of hunts.
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    Default Try keep meat on the bone

    Regardless of the pack, I always, always try to keep the meat on the bones. If you check the archives you will find alot of information on this subject. Plus its much much easier to handle and take care of. But you better be ready for the hardest day or two you had hunting. Work dont start until the animal is down.


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    Thumbs up Pristine Ventures

    You can't go wrong with Larry Bartlett at Pristine Ventures. He plans and arranges everything. He knows the areas and his equipment is "pristine". He took care of my boys and me last year. We could not have asked for more. Check him at

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    Default Pro

    Not doubt about it Larry is a professional, not every one agrees with him, but most probably should. Dont know what it cost but probably worth it. If you are local and go to one of the gatherings probably get half the info for free. Check out his web site.



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