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Thread: 2010 Copper River Update Thread

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    Default 2010 Copper River Update Thread

    This was a nice addition last year to the dipnetting forum, and really helps to track historical trends without having to do much searching. Please feel free to post away with your plans and fishing reports.

    We are planning on heading down to Chitina on the afternoon of the 23rd taking two boats, 6 permits and lots of coolers with ice. If you see me in a burgundy and black bronco with a camo predator, swing by and say hello!

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    Left the house a 6am this morning, back at 8pm with my limit. Fished below the bridge a ways. The water is low and the fish were pretty steady. No Kings - all Reds from small to medium size...

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    Thumbs up A plus for Hemm's !

    Just went dippin in Chitinta for the first time yesterday. Not knowing much about the area I went with the charter drop off, my buddy went with and said Hemm's was good. The fishing had dropped off from earlier in the week it sounded like. The first hole we where dropped at got us nothing for 2 hours so they took us to another hole that had done good the night before. We got some fish ( 5 for me and 7 for my buddy) at this new hole but it went dead after awhile too. At 6 p.m. The boat checked on us again and I thought we were going to have to go but instead Mark said he wanted us to try a different hole for the last hour. He showed us the hot spots at this new site and we started hitting them left and right. In 40 minutes we got 18 fish between the 2 of us and we both took our limit of 15 each with a king for both of us. Hemms made my first time a great time.
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    Default Where you...

    ON the far side of the canyon at a particularly narrow spot? I forget the name of the spot that Hem's calls it. Maybe Foggy Cove or something...I got to remember to ask the names of the palces... We were dropped there last year after having slow success and DANG was it hoppin!

    Makes my heart pound even thinking about it!

    June 21 for me.. hope there are fish!

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    I love to hear good news. And that's why I am perfectly fine paying Hem's $100 to take me to their holes. They want you to do well, and will help you all they can. And they know where most of the holes are.

    It's getting later and later, but I think I'm outta here today eventually, even if I drive all night to jump on the boat in the morning. I'm getting too excited to sit around another day.


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