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Thread: Probably a Dumb question

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    Default Probably a Dumb question

    But here it goes... How come the fish and game dept does not count the Sockeye on the Kenai fish counter on June 11th they don't start counting them on that counter until the 1st of July... But the counter for the Russian River starts on the 11th of June... It does not make sense to me, you think they start counting them on the Kenia counter? Is this done to prevent a big rush if x amount cross the Kenai counter then most folks know within 48 hours those fish will be in the Russian River? Or all the Sockeye coming in are going to the Russian to spawn? Like most folks I look at the fish counter and that is how I base my decision when to take off to the Kenai/Russian River.

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    I believe the Russian counter starts today 06/07/10. My guess is that F&G wants to get some seperation of counts between the Russian and the Kenai fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 323 View Post
    Or all the Sockeye coming in are going to the Russian to spawn? .
    The first run of Sockeye that reach the Kenai are ALL actually heading for the Russian.

    The second run of Sockeye will continue up the Kenai past Russian. This second run is the largest as well.


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