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Thread: Reds in the Kenai For Opener?

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    Default Reds in the Kenai For Opener?

    Has anyone seen or heard of many Reds in the Lower Kenai heading up toward the Russian? Usually we hear of them catching some in the lower river by now. Has anyone done any "prospecting" along the Russian or below the sanctuary? Due to health constraints I am going to try to shanghi a few reds on the way to the Russian from the drift boat in the Kenai this year. First year I haven't been on the Russian for the opener in over 20 years now.

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    I haven't been out on the Kenai since it was closed to king fishing. However, last Sunday I caught two in the Kenai Keyes area in a little over a half hour. All we wanted for the Bar B Q. The day before (Saturday) while fishing for kings in the Lower Kenai I saw several dozen jump and a buddy of mine caught one while fishing for kings. Not much of a report but...

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    From the sounds of a few of these threads it dosn't look too good for the opener. I'm sure there will be some fish in the water but I'm also sure there might be as many guys and gals out there beating the water to a froth as well...


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