My hunting partner has limited time available and may have to leave for a new job and I would rather not do this trip solo. This may be an opportunity some of you have been looking for:

I have a new, fully-equipped, boat (22' Hewescraft Ocean Pro) that I will pick up at the dealership in Petersburg and take to Haines. I would like to spend some time in the Kupreanof Island area trolling for kings while glassing the shoreline for bears before heading north past Juneau to Haines. There should be plenty of opportunity for spot and stalk hunting. I envision a multi-day (possibly a couple of weeks) trip. The boat is geared more as a floating bivouac than live-aboard but the cabin is heated and it will be more comfortable than a tent.

I have always saved room on expeditions for youngsters so they can have opportunity and experience (besides, youth = musclepower) so I might give consideration to a member of the military, including coastguard. That does not exclude older civilians. I have plenty of time available so it may be possible that more than one person could take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe one guy could spend a week in the Kupreanof area and another could make the trip up past Admiralty with me.

The timeline is the month of May.

To stay within the bounds of the law, it will be cost-sharing for food and fuel. I will provide the boat. A non-resident could harvest a black bear and accompany me in my quest for a brownie. An eligible resident could have opportunity for either.

I am neither a transporter nor guide so if this is geting close to the margins of the law somebody please let me know and we will delete this thread.

Send me a pm if interested.