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Thread: How to Catch Herring on a rod?

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    Default How to Catch Herring on a rod?

    I have heard that the best herring for bait is fresh caught, furthermore i heard you can catch them by casting small jigs in most harbors (specifically Auke Bake (Juneau area) harbor). Is there any trick to it, or will these little guys bite anything??

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    When I would catch them in Valdez we used a series of small jig type hooks. Most of the jigs were just little pieces of perly white plastic tied to a hook. Some were little shrimp looking jig.

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    Default jigs

    You can purchase jigs at Fred's or Western Auto. I put a couple of small weights on the end of the jig. We go off of the main float there at Auke Bay. Drop the jig down to the bottom and comence with the jigging motion. Casting works also if the school is too far away from the float. If you get one on, leave it down there for a little bit... the thrashing will attract more herring.

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    There is a several hook rig called a sabiki rig which should be available at a number of tackle shops in Alaska or you can find them on ebay for pretty cheap. I think they have around eight little jigs on them. You just put a weight on the bottom and cast it out and use a jigging retreive or drop straight into a school you have located. You will likley also catch a lot of juvenile salmon. Once you find the herring you should be able to catch quite a few in a short time. The key is finding them. Good Luck



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