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Thread: Mdl 264 rifle action (Mauser type)

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    Default Mdl 264 rifle action (Mauser type)

    Found a weblink for a new rifle action which is based on the original Mauser 98 design with modern features called the Model 264 which will eventually be offered by the American Gun Company, LLC. read that they will be offered in both chrome moly and stainless as barreled actions. The company is also advertising complete rifles as well. Read the design is still being finalized prior to production. They are also working on a varmint hunter action called a KS23 Mini action.
    The company shows a pic of an action they call the Zoli 96 PF (push feed). Read that it is being manufactured by Zoli Antonio International who have owner rights to the Husqvarna actions.
    Looking forward to seeing what the new rifles look like and hearing about how well they shoot, might just have to sign up for one of them when they are finalized. The stainless model sounds like the rifle I want, always wanted a SS mauser style rifle.

    Here is the link to their website:

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    Nice. Looks like a pre 64 M70 with a Mauser one piece floor plate.


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