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    This weekend I'm heading out to Minto Flatts to do some pike fishing. I don't have a set up for pike seeing as this will be my first time fishing for em. I'm heading into to town to pick up a set up and can't decide if I want to fight em on a fly rod or go the traditional method of a bait caster rod. What're your thoughts? If fly fishing is suggested, then what size rod and what kind of flies, & techniques will work??

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    Scroll down the index page about 10 lines and there's another thread on pike fishing with lots of good info for you. I prefer fly fishing, usually with an 8-weight, but I'm a long caster and the wind doesn't bother me much. I'll go up to a 10-weight with big flies and a big wind, but I'd rather not. If you aren't a reasonably skilled caster with big flies, then have a spinning or casting rod handy for the fish you can't reach with a fly rod.

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    you should bring me along... I'll show you how to fly fish for em
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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