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Thread: Family Fly In Trip Ideas?

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    Default Family Fly In Trip Ideas?

    Alright here is the situation….my wife’s twin sister, her husband, and their four-year-old will be in town for only a few days at the end of June. My family consists of a wife and two small children. We have a 4 day/3 night, possibly only a 3 day/2 night, window. The plan would be to leave Anchorage or Willow on the morning of the 1st day and return on the evening of the last day (I am aware that weather could screw up the days, but oh well). Everyone would rather do a fly out rather than a road system stream.

    So this river needs to be pretty short, due to kids and TIME. Ideally the river (or stretch of river) would be class I/II, a couple class III rapids would be ok. We’ll be running a combination of two s/b 16’ rafts and possibly a 13’ cat. I want the river to have good camping, or possibly even a lodge on one end would be cool. Fishing will be important for the adults to regain their sanity at the end of the day. Scenery would be cool, but not necessary.

    I would be forever grateful if someone were to give me a nugget of advice that led to a safe, memorable trip for this brief family reunion. Also, if you throw me a bone to your “secret” spot, I will repay you somehow

    PS: Please do not be offended by this comment, but I am not asking for your philosophy of traveling with children. It is the responsibility the parents to raise their kids right and safe.


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    power commuting twixt the valley and anchorage


    Alexander might be a good option. I hear it's only about a 10 minute flight from willow and you can float it in a couple of days. 16' boats might be a little big.

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    Its not fly out, but East fork Chulitna sounds ideal for you. Good fishin holes, great scenery and enough challenges and changes on the river to keep it interesting. If you are dead set on flying out, the Tokositna river to the Chulitna could be another option.
    Another one that I havent heard much about but looks like it would be nice is the Kahiltna, which flows from the mountains down to the Yetna. I have heard there can be good king and trout fishing but don't know much about the river itsself or exactly where to access it. Just an idea.


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