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Thread: Halibut Fishing out of Homer

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    Default Halibut Fishing out of Homer

    We are in the process of planning a late July early August trip where we will fly into Anchorage, rent a motor home and slowly head to Homer for some Halibut fishing. I've heard that there is a price difference in going out in a boat with mulit fishermen and going out in a smaller boat with 6 or so people. Can anybody give me any insite as to what I can expect in terms of cost for these two fishing alternatives?

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    Default rgobell

    Just google (fishing homer alaska).Most of the web sites have different rates for different boats.PM me if you need more help.

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    Default charter options

    My preference is with the 6 pack boats. Faster boats that go out farther and more customer service are two reasons why I won't go out on a "cattle boat" again. Not worth the price difference.

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    Any idea what the price difference should be between these two opitions?

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    Usually 200/head on the herd boat, and I think about 250-300/person on the 6-pack. I won't go back to cattle boats either, after having done both.
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    Default 6-pac prices

    You can get down around 200 on a number of the 6-pacs, too. I sent you a PM through this forum.
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    you can go for under $200 out of Anchor Point, have both Halibut and salmon combo's . great time of year to do both the same day. how many people in your party?


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