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    Wifes got a Hardy Bros cane fly rod, 5 wt in real nice condition and we are trying to get some info on it to see what it might be worth. Anyone here know anything about these rods? We could not find a serial number on it anywhere and the only writing on it is "Hardy Bros Palakona Built Cane" and the word "Annie" near the cork handle. I've tried several searches with no luck and even e-mailed them to try and get an answer.

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    I don't recall where they are, but there are (or were) some auction sites dedicated to fine fly tackle. At one time they were a great indicator of price, but that was while fly fishing was the latest "in" thing and before the sub-prime lending fiasco. I'd expect the value today to be lots less than it was 3 or 4 years ago, but I can't tell you more than to search out the auction sites. I had them bookmarked on my old computer, but when it did a Sarah Palin and quit before it's term was up, I lost all those bookmarks.

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    Try the members on this forum should be able to help you track down your cane fly rod. Generally the price range for the Hardy Bros. rod is from $250 to $1500. My oldest cane fly rods are from 1928 and 1932 made for salmon and they look brand new. My favorite is called "The Black Prince". Tight lines.
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    Without a serial number i'm afraid we are not going to be able to age this rod. I might have to see if she can remember who gave it to her and have her contact them and see what they know. Thanks for the assistance guys.

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    Default Fly Fishing Fun for the Fortunate Few!

    I have a Hardy Palakona 3 piece 5 wt. rod, now unfortunately sitting unused because I broke the second of the two tips in a slip and fall in Wyoming. It was a gift from my employer in 1978, and I believe it was around ten years old then, but I'm not sure of that.

    My research years ago led me to believe that the Palakona wasn't a real expensive collector's item, so I didn't feel so reckless taking it into the spring creek canyons that I used to fish in Wyoming. I had it set up with a Hardy Ultralite Disc reel and a double taper floating line. I have never fished with a more enjoyable rod (and I have several top of the line graphite rods from Sage, Loomis, and others). The Hardy has a soft slow action that belies its distance capability, and it handles small weighted wet flies and any dry flies with amazing grace and accuracy.

    If I were you, I would have her do some fishing with the Hardy. It is a great rod for all but the largest trout, and for grayling, etc. I wouldn't cast split shot with it, and just wipe it down well and don't store it wet in its case.

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    Default old fly rods

    I have an old wooden flyrod with funky brass tube eyelets thats about 20 feet long, it was passed down to me but theres no name or serial number or anything on it, maybe someone hand made it it or something. anyone ever see one of these??


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