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Thread: Kasilof joins the list of EO's

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    Default Kasilof joins the list of EO's

    Clip-only retention... release ALL wilds.

    The department has determined that a previous emergency order to close the early-run king salmon
    sport fishery in the Kenai River drainage effective Saturday, June 5, 2010, will likely result in an
    increase in the sport fishing effort for and harvest of naturally-produced king salmon in the Kasilof
    River. The department manages the Kasilof River king salmon sport fishery to achieve a sustainable
    escapement goal of 650 to 1,700 naturally-produced king salmon as monitored through a weir at a
    department facility located on Crooked Creek. The escapement of naturally-produced king salmon into
    Crooked Creek during 2009 was 619 fish. Sport fishing catch rates of king salmon estimated by the
    Kasilof River early-run king salmon creel survey are similar to catch rates estimated in 2009, indicating
    that a run of below average strength is in progress. Therefore, to minimize the effect of conservation
    actions for the Kenai River on the department’s ability to achieve adequate escapement into Crooked
    Creek, it is warranted to restrict the harvest of naturally-produced early-run king salmon in the Kasilof
    River to increase the escapement of naturally-produced fish.
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    Iím Sick, what a sad day doc.

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    Where do the hatchery kings in the Kasilof come from?
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