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Thread: Palomino Bronco 1500?

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    Default Palomino Bronco 1500?

    Anyone have one of these slide in pop-up campers? I have done loads of research and this seems like the best solution for us but I certainly welcome comment from anyone with first hand info!

    If anyone knows someone selling one I would appreciate a heads up as well!!

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    Default Camper

    LuJon, a hunting buddy had one, although it wasn't the 9 footer. It was easier to haul and lighter than a conventional camper. Traveling with it was unhandy as you could not use the camper unless you wanted to crank it up-pretty time consuming if you were stopping for lunch along the way. It might be OK in the summer but we used it on two hunting trips in Wyoming. One trip we had snow and the heater would not keep it even warm. --Not much storage as you can't have many cupboards overhead. I believe there was a small one. Ours was an eight footer and did not have a bathroom. My buddy sold it after the colder trip and went back to a regular solid camper. After all neither of us would buy one again. Of course, my opinion.

    Here is one like you are talking about, I believe,for reference, but is in Arizona.

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    I have one (Northstar) and spent about 7 weeks camping in it. It's a 6.5ft with no bath so we stayed at campgrounds. The only draw back to a pup-up truck camper is the lack of sound insulation. Everything else has been great. I live in the Fairbanks area and your welcome to take a look at it. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions.


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