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Thread: Fishing in Alaska

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    Default Fishing in Alaska

    I am going to be freshwater fishing at the end of June beginning of July for Kings, Pinks and Steels. I am looking for some recommendations for inexpensive gear when fishing for Kings. I was told an "ugly stick" but was wondering what length and Strength? Also an inexpensive reel and what weight line? Any Help would be appreciated.

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    I would suggest an 8' Ugly Stik 15-30lb rating. I prefer Penn reels but they can get spendy, so any chepo u want will work. Just ask the salesman or woman what would work with the Ugly Stik when targeting Kings. When getting your weight line just keep in mind what species you are going for. Kings are 30lbs++ so once again just ask people at the sports shop you go to. Hope this helps a little bit. Sportsmans Warehouse and B and J are a good place to start.

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    Default Ugly

    Ugly stick's in my opinion are the best 'value' in poles. meaning you get the most for your money. The 'Uglystick Light' has always done good for me, and you can buy one rated for 15 to 30lbs line and heavy action wich would be perfect with kings.


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