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    It's been a few years since I was up to Ninilchick or Clam Gulch digging razor clams. This year I avoided Ninilchick because of the reports of all the tiny clams. I dug at Clam beach. I headed south from the parking lot. I kept the first 20 clams I dug and they ranged from about 2" to 3.5". At that point I decided not to kill any more as it seemed a waste to me.

    Other clammers I talked to were getting clams about the same size.

    If this is typical, then I think the F&G should close the beaches down for a few years to let the clams get to a respectable size. Or is there something about the life cycle of clams I don't know?

    Just curious if anybody else sees it the way I do. Sorry for being so negative but I was really dissapointed.


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    Default small

    We got mostly small ones too, but with the quantity of small clams there is no point in shutting off the clamming season.

    There still are spots where the clams are bigger - you just have to find them.....I talked to 2 different friends that got the 7 inchers last weekend.....

    And you can look for large(r) shows to keep away from the tiny buggers.

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    everybody is saying that the clams are small... our clams were the same size they have always been
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    The locals have been saying there was a large spawn this season producing a zillion small clams.
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