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Thread: To boat or not to boat, that is the question

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    Default To boat or not to boat, that is the question

    I was hoping to get some advice from folks that have dipnetted the Kenai from both shore and boat. My family is planning on dipping around 19 July and we are considering renting a boat. My choices for available boats are 14ft deep V w/15hp 4 stroke, 14 ft shallow V w/8hp 4 stroke, or 16 ft skiff w/40hp 4 stroke. We have dipped from shore once in the past with limited results (12 fish in 4 hrs). Is it worth renting the boat? Is navigating the boat traffic difficult/dangerous for a newbie? Which boat would best serve the purpose? We intend to have fun either way. Good luck to everyone this year.

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    How much will you be paying?

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    I've never used a boat for dipping, I debated it after finishing my boat but after hearing about the crowds at the launch, boats nearly crashing into eachother, I decided against it.

    I've dipped the N shore of the kenai for ~ 10 years now. So long as the fish are running, I'll get 30-65 in 2-3 hours with one net. Last year in 2 hours I had 46 fish, I could have easily gotten my limit of 65, but that is just too many fish to process in one go. If they aren't running, I've fished 6 hours and caught 1, and that is the only time I've caught less than 30 on a one day trip. I'd misguessed that that year was going to be an early run like the previous year, the next time down that run we got 62. I go down for one day trips, in and out with a pile of fish and then process them when we get home.

    A boat isn't going to make the fish appear when they aren't there, and if you don't have your own boat and aren't familiar running one in a river, I'd consider dipping the Kenai one of the worst places to figure it out.

    Timing is everything, so watch the sonar count and keep an eye on commercial openings. When the run starts to peak, head on down the next day. You basically have a 3 day window with the sonar data, with a one day lag. So when you see the run starting the peak from the previous day, it means the day you are viewing the data is the peak, and the next day it's dropping down, but there will still be plenty of fish to catch. I've had a longstanding understanding with my bosses over the years that the third week of July I'll be heading down to the Kenai whenever the numbers look good, whatever day of the week that might be. Typically that will fall somewhere between the 15th and 18th on the first peak of the run.

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    Default Boat prices

    Between 50 and 80 per day depending on the boat.


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