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Thread: Colt Combat Commander value?

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    Default Colt Combat Commander value?

    The price of plain jane Series 70 Colt Combat Commanders in 9MM Luger seems to vary quite a bit, even when comparing apples with apples? Is this a national thing, or does it apply to Alaska as well? Would not think there is much demand for such a thing here, unless one just has a "thing" for them. Can't afford a current copy of the Blue Book; what would be the value of one ( 100%, 98%, 95% ) these days?

    SARCO, Inc. advertises them at $750.00 in Shotgun News, but can't find them on the web site to see what they are actually selling.

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    Not sure about the Colt, but Sportsman's here in Squarebanks has a Kimber Commander in 9mm for $899. I was just looking at it today. Also, Frontier Outfitters has a Springfield EMP (which is their version of a 9mm Commander) for around $1,100. It's a sexy little gun.

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    As usual, I would recommend checking Actually was looking at these yesterday, and there was a bid on a nice 98% gun of 1,000.00. Another NIB gun at 1600.00 had 0 bids. So I would say the market is about a grand for a nice, blued series 70 commander in 9mm.
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