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    Visiting the family in Juneau and have an unexpected chance to fish today while the ladies take a hike somewhere in Point Bridget State Park. As best as I can tell that is where Cowee creek is which I think has good Dollys in it but would like any advice anyone can give as to where to go on that creek and/or if there is somewhere else around there that I can push the group into going toward (hiking trail nearby would be appreciated by the ladies).

    Bad news is we are leaving in two hours so any quick reply would be greatly appreciated and I'll be sure to report back after the trip is done.

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    Did well (for us) on the Cowee today with the wife. We walked along enjoying the well trampled path that is creekside and about 400 yards down I said let's try here. The first cast was chased by a little 8 incher, and the second was whacked hard by a fun and fiesty 17 incher and the game was on. Wife caught one in that hole as well and I caught the 8inch chaser then hole went dry so we moved on. Fished and walked along the trail for a while having some fun with both the cool sceneary and periodically finding a nice hold. Being completely unfamiliar with the creek and the species I was happy to end the 3 1/2 hour walk-about with 7 fish on my tally and 5 on my wifes (even kept two for breakfast tomorrow, they were hooked to deep to release). It was a good time and is certainly a place I would frequent if I lived in Southeast AK. You are all so lucky here to have such interesting and abundant fishing opportunities nearby.

    Will post pics if I can get them loaded up. Now on to Petersburg and hopefully some Kings and maybe Halibut (or trout in Swan lake?)


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