So this is the first year I'm activly going to try to go for King salmon (well other than the "fishing" at ship creek) and I was doing my internet research to see when they show up in the various streams. And something occured to me, King salmon are being caught on the deshka right now (or so im told) and the mouth of the deshka is like 10 miles from the mouth of willow right? at least it looks like it on google maps. I was just wondering when we could expect to see Kings at the willow/susitna confluence, as well as the other parks streams?

Also, a side topic for debate, which is something I have personally been wondering about since I heard about the Historically Low Early Run numbers on the Kenai: Will the bad early run numbers on the Kenai be mirrored in the Parks System Streams? historically do the two numbers seem to mimic each other (if one is high the other one is to...and if one is low so is the other one?)