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Thread: Last day of bear hunting

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    Default Last day of bear hunting

    My son and I started a bait on May 1st. We had our first black bear show up on the 10th. On the 18th is when things really started heating up. We had 9 brown bears and multiple blacks. Went through 100lbs of feed, 3 jars of gel balls, 1 anise ball, 1 bacon W/estrus ball and some homebrew malt and grain. The wind was always against us while we were on the bait. My son got called to work so we had only a few days to hunt before we had to pack up the site. On Saturday my son and daughter sat on the bait and didnt see anything but squirrels and grouse. On monday night (the last night) we decided to go sit out until dark and take any legal blackbear. My son would have liked to hold out for a bigger one and shoot it with his bow but that didnt work out. Instead I had 2 kids armed with 45/70s. At 9:30 a small bear came into the bait. My son watched it and tried to alert his sister (who was reading a book). I had my head up my butt when my daughter wispered, "hey, dad bear! bear! As she was trying to take aim at the bear my son shot and we followed it 40 yards into the brush. Found the bear under a downed birch tree. Last day, Last 2 hrs, and we scored a bear. Not a very big one but he will taste good. Next year gotta get the daughter one.

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    Default Nice job

    Wow, great story and even better pics,

    Looks like one solid family you got going there,
    Good post, Thanks
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    Congrats Kyle! It was so nice to meet you. Nice bear before heading off to work.
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