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Thread: The Federal Subsistence Board passed the OSM version of federal WP101 and WP105

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    Default The Federal Subsistence Board passed the OSM version of federal WP101 and WP105

    The Federal Subsistence Board passed the OSM version of federal WP101 and WP105.

    WP101 extended the Federal moose season in portions of Unit 20E accessible from the Taylor Highway from Sept 1-15 to Aug 24-Sept 25. However, at ADF&Gs request, they are now going to require that federal hunters use a Joint State-Federal Moose Registration Permit in the same areas as the state requires it, except within the YCNP. So, we will need to do some modification to our RM865 Registration Permit to accommodate the Federal season. This is a very good stroke, as double reporting or nonreporting by Federal hunters has been a long term problem for us. In addition, it closes the loophole for Federal hunters to possess a green harvest ticket for moose and a registration ticket for caribou at the same time. They will now have to choose between moose OR caribou along the road system. I believe this continues to be a conservation tool for moose in this area.

    WP105 is the Federal Fortymile Caribou hunt proposal. It essentially changed the bag limit for Federal hunters from either-sex to 1 bull for the fall hunt only. Also, it provided the Federal hunt manager with in-season authority to implement closers, weapons restrictions, etc. to allow for alignment with the states inseason management tools. This is good news for our continued excellent working relationship with the federal Fortymile Caribou managers.

    I am currently working with Jessica on revision of the RC860 (fall Joint State-Federal Fortymile Caribou Registration Permit) and RM865 (now Joint State-Federal Moose Registration Permit). I will get these out for review in the not too distant future to ensure we are all on the same page.


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    No matter how is is spun, it is still a Sham. The guy is on the take or wants a Fed job.
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